About a year ago I attended my first painting event at another venue. I have no artistic talent whatsoever and went with trepidation only to have a fabulous time and have been about 50 times since. Last Saturday I went to Davina’s class for the first time and it was one of my all time top painting experiences AND a fabulous time all the way around. Without effort I learned new techniques and integrating the glow in the dark is over the top awesome! If you want to spend a couple of hours having a great time and come away with mind-blowing art you can’t believe you created yourself, then come to Davina’s Paint & Glow!

I had so much fun painting with Davina! This was my first time painting and not only did mine look amazing, EVERYONE’S painting looked amazing! Davina is charming, and really knows how to teach along the way. I highly recommend painting with her. It was a blast!

First time in doing Paint and Glow by Davina and had a wonderful time. She was quite encouraging to use our creativity during the evening class. Would definitely do another one or two of her classes.

Super fun!! Davina is a great instructor and all the paintings look great with or without the black light!

I took my girlfriend here for a date night while staying in the San Diego area and had a great time! We both loved painting with Davina and the glow in the dark paintings looked amazing under a blacklight. Davina is extremely sweet and nice and will be more than happy to help out with your masterpiece or give you different paints and colors if you were looking to experiment elsewhere. In short, we had a great time and will certainly come back if we are in the area again.

Took my 3 kids painting last night and we all loved it. Davina is an amazing teacher and is especially good with the kids. She’s patient and very easy to follow. Our kids ended up with gorgeous paintings and we are all coming back to paint, my husband and I included. Great place to eat as well. My kids are already asking to paint with her again.

“Fantastic!” Held at private paint party at my home with my girlfriends and the 9 of us had the best time. Davina’s energy and talent guided us all to create a one of a kind piece of art. A party that I recommend even for the novice painter and a group of happy friends to get together and enjoy an evening of fun. Book your party!

Davina has the most fun painting sessions I have experienced. her instructions were simple and easy to follow and the paintings all looked amazing. The glow in the dark paint is fun to experiment with. Davina is very generous and I highly recommend taking one of her classes, and you will be hooked.

My daughter and I had a great class painting together. It was easy step-by-step instructions and at the end they all look different but they all were masterpieces. I had a great time!

Paint and glow was such an amazing experience. What’s better than having a cocktail and painting under a black light! The instructor Devina was so positive and encouraging. This is definitely something for everybody, guy or girl. My painting looks so great in my apartment and its such a reminder of one of the best nights at Hennesys.

If you ever doubted your ability to find your creative side this is an event that will put those doubts to bed for good! And the reason for that is because of the talent of the fantastic ,energetic, positive, upbeat and excellent teacher of the course, Davina. I don’t think it would have mattered what I actually had produced at the end of our painting session- this woman has the ability to make you feel like you have just created a masterpiece. Her teaching approach is so empowering and she is especially good at giving individual attention to each of her students to guide them to creating a piece of art that is unique to themselves. It really was a combination of a great party, quaint night out with close friends, therapy session, and a pep rally. Davina’s enthusiasm and great people skills really made the whole event what it was. An added bonus is that she has events that are geared to all ages. My side kick was my 12 yr old granddaughter and she had a blast. The venue , Tabletop Commons, was an excellent location for both adults and teens. The drinks and food was A+. If you are going to try this type of adventure for the first time- go no further than here. You will leave with a natural high and a piece of art you can actually hang on your walls.

First timers and had a wonderful time!!! Davina brought such great energy and was very detail with instructions. She allowed each one of us creativity show. She was very encouraging and when I needed help with something she was there to offer a helping hand.

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