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At Paint and Glow by Davina, we believe that we offer the best painting events in the San Diego area. We have an amazing array of painting classes for all ages of people and all types of events. In addition to the expected venues like holding painting sessions at children’s birthday parties, we provide the pleasure of painting in the most unusual places.

Have you ever been to bar mitzvahs, baby showers, or weddings that involved painting? We have, and they’re great fun! How about corporate events? Would you like to see your company president letting go and getting creative with glow in the dark paint? It’s fun to see the other side of people you work with; that’s why corporate painting parties are a special favorite.

Are You a Beginning Artist?

Painting workshops are some of the best places to learn to paint. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn drawing or painting, our beginning painting classes for adults can give you a wonderful basis for beginning your new hobby of painting. Group painting classes are available for adults as well as children.

Painting for Grownups

Paint and Glow by Davina offers a number of adult painting classes, including those that are only suitable for adults. Yes, we’re talking about body art painting and glow in the dark body art. Painting at night can be the perfect background for creating a glow in the dark piece of art on your body, or the body of a friend or partner. Body art is a bit like a live art show, with the body providing a living canvass. There’s nothing quite like it, whether its glow in the dark painting or regular body paint.

Painting with Your Favorite Muse

A painting party can truly live up to its name. Painting—and fun while painting—can be a real party, especially if your preferred beverage is involved. Painting and drinking can make for a really fun event. We offer a variety of painting classes that offer the combined experience of painting while imbibing your chosen drink. Paint and wine seem like a natural pairing, but how about combining beer and painting? Beer painting classes include Paint and Pints as well as BYOB painting. We even hold painting events in bars. In fact, painting in bars has been done since bars have existed (remember the works of Toulouse Lautrec?) So we’d like to establish our own tradition of drinking and painting in San Diego. And of course, all painting and drinking events are conducted safely.

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