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Paint and Glow by Davina is a one of a kind painting experience. She has been painting since she was only 11 years old. While living In Manchester, England, she was taken under the wing of her high school teacher and taught an array of different artistic styles and techniques.

Utilizing her artistic imagination and education she’s received through the years, she has continually been sharing her knowledge and experience with artistically driven and curious individuals. Davina helps people who not only want to learn how to paint, but do so in a unique and creative way, as well as learn the steps and techniques they need to create a masterpiece in their first class.

Davina is very passionate about her work and spreading the joy that comes from painting. During her classes, she works closely with every single person to ensure that their experience is both satisfying and joyful.

One of a Kind Painting Experiences

At Paint and Glow by Davina, you’ll get to enjoy the most unique painting experience. With glow in the dark paint and UV blacklights, you can create a stunning masterpiece in just one class! All skill levels and ages are welcome for most classes.

Davina’s group classes are perfect for friends and family that want to spend time together while cultivating their creative sides. Classes can be found at different venues, making them perfect for various groups that enjoy drinking and painting in San Diego. One of the most popular classes involves painting in bars, in which attendees get the opportunity to enjoy drinking and painting in fun and inspiring atmospheres.

Community Driven

Paint and Glow by Davina is a supporter of the San Diego community. Classes can be found all throughout the month in a variety of different venues across the city. By changing venues, those that attend her classes will get to experience different cultures and atmospheres throughout the city. She was a featured guest at The Best of San Diego Party in 2015.

Davina also enjoys contributing to the community through charity events, children’s events, and by partnering with local hotels and restaurants. She knows through experience that art is therapeutic and has seen art therapy ease the minds of people in need. One thing that she firmly believes is that art contributes to the cognitive thinking and social skills for children. She continues to volunteer her services with many of the charity foundations in and around San Diego.

Fun for All Ages

Davina also offers children’s painting classes catered towards imaginative children who are interested in learning how to paint. She has worked with special needs children and has volunteered at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. Parents with children of all  all ages are encouraged to enroll their children in paint and glow classes to show them a new side of painting they have never seen before.

Non-Stop Creativity

With so many events scheduled throughout each month, classes and venues fill up quickly. When you sign up for group painting classes, you’ll get to enjoy the joy of painting, the social aspect of group painting classes, and the cuisine and atmosphere of various venues.

Schedule your glow in the dark painting class today with your friends and family! Any age and experience level is welcome and you’ll go home with an exotic, one of a kind glow in the dark masterpiece! As Davina would say, “Get Excited”! Who’s ready to paint and glow?

Davina encourages local artists to take advantage of the many opportunities that Paint and Glow by Davina can offer.

Contact her for possible internships and apprenticeships.

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